Laying The Framework For a Debt-Free Life With More Income and Happiness

Joshua Tilley

Construction Worker

Most of us graduate from high school or college and get a job working for an employer.

We enjoy our job for a while and seem to receive regular raises and educational opportunities. Sooner or later, our job doesn’t stimulate us anymore. To make matters worse, the raises and bonuses sometimes get smaller and smaller.

So we begin looking for excitement, fun, and prestige by accumulating more things like new cars, a new home, new clothes, etc. While each new acquisition may make us happy temporarily, it doesn't fulfill us in the long term. Before long, the thrill fades away, and we're left with the debts.

To pay off our debts, we try to get more and more overtime from our employer. Consequently, we spend more time in our boring job. In spite of working more, we still barely make ends meet and find that we have less and less time to enjoy life.

In short, our quality of life isn't what we always dreamed it would be. Sooner or later, we realize that we need to make some big changes in our life.

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Joshua Tilley of Loveland, Colorado has worked in construction for over 20 years. He became a stock trader so he could earn more money and have more control over how he spends his time. His goal is to be happy in his new career and life as a trader while building more financial freedom for himself and his loved ones.


Loveland, Colorado


Construction Worker

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Laying The First Plank in The Framework of a Better Life

Socrates is quoted as saying, "Let him that would move the world first move himself." Put another way; if you want to change your life, you must take the first step.

In the words of Joshua Tilley, a construction worker for more than 20 years, "I had been selling my time to my employer. I was in debt, with a JOB that kept me Just Over Broke. I knew a big life change had to be made, and I was the only one who could affect the change.”

It was at that moment Joshua realized the time had come to lay the first plank in the framework of a better life.

"I had been selling my time to my employer. I was in debt, with a JOB that kept me Just Over Broke. I knew a big life change had to be made, and I was the only one who could affect the change.”

Joshua Tilley

Construction Worker

Growing a Trading Account From a Small Balance

Joshua realized that despite all that time he had sold to his employer, he was still in debt and receiving little more in wages than he needed to make ends meet.

Even as he kept hammering away at a job that didn't fill either his soul or his pocketbook, he realized he'd had a dream since childhood. That dream was to become a stockbroker. And at the age of forty-three, Joshua discovered RagingBull.

"On August 15th, 2018, I googled 'stock trading teachers' and found RagingBull," he says. "That was the day that changed my life for the better forever."

Although Joshua had limited funds, his new trading mentor, Jeff Williams, taught him to start trading with a small account and grow his account beginning with a low initial investment.

From there, Joshua joined SuperNova. Since then he's had many winning trades and a few mistakes.

"What makes SuperNova so special to me is they help me realize my mistakes and make adjustments by reducing my risk and increasing my profits." He also praises the chat community, which has moderators and fellow traders who help him "in any way possible."

"I wanted to learn how to trade stocks successfully, however, having a small account, and being new to trading, I felt I needed a bit more attention, and SuperNova provides the education and the personal attention I was seeking."

Joshua Tilley

Construction Worker

Nailing His Goals

Joshua currently has two new goals for his life. The first is to be happy doing what he does. The second is to become financially free. Because of RagingBull and SuperNova, he is well on his way to nailing both those goals.

"I started with small goals making $25, $50 a day, and with the education provided by Jeff Williams and his team there is so much more," he said. "Today, my personal goals are to make a consistent $200/day, $500/day all the way to $40k and $50k a day. I know this is achievable and I know that the education, mentoring and fellowship from RagingBull and SuperNova is where it is at."

Joshua adds that he now spends more time doing what he loves - trading companies. "I am finally able to get my 'time' back. I no longer sell my time to an employer."

"I have had many winning trades thanks to SuperNova and JB Picks, and I have made some mistakes ( as we all do). What makes SuperNova and RagingBull special to me is they help me realize my mistakes, and make adjustments by reducing my risk and increasing my profits."

Joshua Tilley

Construction Worker

Laying a Solid Foundation

Joshua is now building a solid foundation from which to pursue the life of his dreams.

Because of the training, he’s getting as a SuperNova member; he’s becoming financially independent and free to spend more time in pursuit of what he loves. Every day, Josh learns new things, not just about trading, but also about life.

As he puts it, "I’m managing my emotions and viewing the world and situations in a completely different light. I’m learning that trading isn't just about trading and money. There’s so much to be gained."

Joshua Tilley

Construction Worker

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